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A roguelike/adventure game about minotaurs made with Love2D for the LoveJam 2018.

Controls: WASD / Arrow keys + space to sprint. (also tentative joystick support thanks to Baton)


  • Roguelike arrangement of maps created in Tiled
  • Enemies pathfinding with Jumper
  • A win state based on collecting enough of an item (yarn, to be specific)
  • Day/night cycle
  • Upgradable health
  • Simple dialog with branching possibilities (kinda)
  • "smart" signs to help with world navigation
  • Rainy weather particle effect

Post-Jam additions

  • Bugfixes, natch
  • Higher difficulty via higher diversity
  • Smoother difficulty thanks to conditional enemy spawning
  • Enemies have a "bravado" system that allows infighting to have victors
  • A decent little handful of display options
  • A handful of audio options
  • Stat logging
  • Ultrasimple death scene
  • Explosions after enemies die, and ripples when you collect items
  • Arrow, bomb, and spike traps
  • Map & gem (compass) items
  • "Horn" item that gives the player a sort of radar
  • Freeze item - stops enemies dead in their tracks
  • Magnet item that sucks other items towards the player
  • Coin collectibles and toll blocks that you can remove with coins
  • Teleport entities for instant travel inside a region, and Portal entities for transporting from one region to another
  • joystick support (tentative, I need to sit down with some different devices and try them all out)
  • Several extra maps! Maps for days!


  • More, denser maps / higher detail in our existing maps.
  • Better dialog / story details
  • Rendering of minotaur attributes (present but invisible)
  • "Hatred" system that makes the enemies pickier about getting angry
  • Cloud weather effect

Known Issues:

  • Camera does not account for differing screen resolutions. At the moment, this is not intended to be fixed, due to artwork limitations.
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Made withLÖVE, GIMP, Audacity
Tags2D, LÖVE
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksSource code


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